I was born in 1983 along with, according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, the words CD rom, cell phone, cyber punk, megapixel and lap dancing.
I grew up in a small town in Lombardy, Italy, close to the river Adda, and I loved it.
The river, not the town.

I started at High School with a fiction I wrote at the age of 17 and a small documentary on the city of Prague the following year.
I wasn't awarded any prizes for these early works and I was quite annoyed about that.
Some recognition did arrive a few years later. But I'm still angry about my first films so I don't want to talk about it.

I moved to Milan just after graduating in cinema direction at the Cattolica University and I started to work in some of the most prestigious production companies.
I have been working with them since 2007, occupying any vacancy they had, including: assistant director, camera operator, casting director, production assistant, production slave, pet. Luckily, not in this order.
I'd love to say that I started working as a director because it was my destiny.
But it was probably because I was terrible at production.
In any case, I directed my first branded content in 2008.

Since then, I have shot and on occasion written a variety of projects for different brands: Nike, Heineken, Europ Assistance, Golden Lady, Fiat, Gucci, Morellato, Ariston...
My career has been an exploration and I have been luck enough to work with some great professionals in various fields.
What do I put into my videos?
Strategy, dealing with internet. Because I grew up with the world wide web and I'm sensitive to what's going on.
Music and sound, because I'm a musician and because I know how sound talks to the soul. And we don't want to bore the soul with something banal, do we?
Fun. Because when we stop watching something it means that we've found something more fun.
Stories. Stories. Stories.

My life has always been split in two.
One side is storytelling through video and film. The other side is music.

Némesi (rock band)
LadyGroove (rock band) 1 album, finalist at EmerGenti Live, 2nd place at Paprika Jazz Festival, finalist at Telecom Live streaming Contest
The M-Street Band (rhythm and blues small band)
Artchipel Orchestra (jazz big band) 2 albums, winner as best italian group in Top Jazz 2012
The Pax side of the Moon (comedy rock band). We are recording our first album.